Structure Viewer

Save. Save the current visualization as still image to your disk. Available image-formats are SVG, JPEG and PNG image formats.
Layout selection box. Choose your preferred secondary structure layout algorithm. Available are Bruccoleri (known from tools like the Vienna Package) and Olsen (knwon from loopdloop)
include gaps. Activate this checkbox to include gaps in the visualization. Note: All gaps are handled like dots (unbound sequence parts) by the layout algorithm. This checkbox has no effect on the alignment window.
Multiple sequences selected
consensus. Leave this checkbox checked to show all selected sequences and secondary structure in a consensus visualization, uncheck it to activate the structure navigator for single structure visualization. You can use the arrows to step through all selected sequences individually and animate their differences.
Conservation slider. Use the slider to choose the conservation percentage the consensus visualization is calculated on. This affects the secondary structure information only, the sequence conservation stays the same and is colorcoded on the visible consensus structure.
Structure navigator. Use the arrow buttons to step through your selected sequences or choose a sequence from the drop down list for direct activation.
All features are shown in this Tutorial-Video.