foursale 1.3 (4SALE command line version) is out now

foursale 1.3 is out now

This release is intended to be used per command line on operating systems supporting java >= 1.5. It is designed for large-scale analyses and comes without GUI.


Secondary structures of RNA sequences are increasingly being used as additional information in reconstructing phylogenies and/or in distinguishing species by compensatory base change (CBC) analyses. However, in most cases just one secondary structure is used in manually correcting an automatically generated multiple sequence alignment and/or just one secondary structure is used in guiding a sequence alignment still completely generated by hand. With the advent of databases and tools offering individual RNA secondary structures, here we re-introduce a twelve letter code already implemented in 4SALE — a tool for synchronous sequence and secondary structure alignment and editing — that enables one to align RNA sequences and their individual secondary structures synchronously and fully automatic, while dramatically increasing the phylogenetic information content. We further introduce a scaled down non-GUI version of 4SALE particularly designed for big data analysis, and available at:

If you use this program, please cite:

Wolf, M., Koetschan, C., Müller, T. (2014) ITS2, 18S, 16S or any other RNA — simply aligning sequences and their individual secondary structures simultaneously by an automatic approach. Gene, 546(2):145-9