Changes in this release

  • Fixed a bug that 4SALE did not start when running on Mac OS.
  • Please use ClustalW2 1.83 with 4SALE 1.7.1
Download 4SALE (1.7.1)

Previous Versions

Changes in 1.7

  • Added import of xfasta file extensions when opening a file containing secondary structure.
  • Removed all remote features from GUI.
  • This version is still available here.

Changes in 1.6

  • Correction in CBC counts (Bugfix)
  • Improved visibility of align button
  • Independently of the 4SALE version, all remote - features are shutdown

Changes in 1.5

  • New structure viewer. (New Feature)
  • Export structure plots. (New Feature)
  • Now supports editing sequence information. (New Feature)
  • Export of one-letter-encoded sequence and alignment information. (New Feature)
  • Dialog does not appear for every single edit operation anymore. (Bugfix)
  • Search Panel now works as expected. (Bugfix)
  • Preselection of file-extension now works on Mac. (Bugfix)

Changes in 0.995

  • Now connects to the new ITS2 Database. (Update)
  • 4SALE alignment option renamed to clarify differences to clustalw. (Update)
  • Integration of LARA, a sequence and secondary structure alignment tool (Linux only). (New Feature)
  • Open/save panel now opens with recent directory. (Bugfix)
  • Canceling open/save panel now behaves as expected. (Bugfix)

Changes in 0.992

  • Autoupdate added. (New feature)
  • Help now only available online. (Update)
  • File import on Mac fixed. (Bugfix)
  • ITS2 Database connection fixed. (Bugfix)

Changes in 0.99

  • RNAforester WebService bug fixed. (Note: RNAforester doesn't work with extended IUPAC code)
  • CBC analysis bug fixed.
  • Alignment including secondary structures loading fixed.

Initial release 0.98

Download initial release